StorCase Technology DCULTRA-KIT SCSI

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StorCase Technology DCULTRA-KIT SCSI
D89-0000-0057 Rev. C00 Kingston Technology Company
Ultra SCSI Cable Kit
The Data Silo Ultra SCSI Cable Kit (part number DCULTRA-KIT), designed to fit the
rear panel of Kingston
's 9-bay Data Silo rack mount or tower chassis, permits an
extended external SCSI cable length beyond the 1.5 meter limit imposed by the
SCSI 3 protocol (see figure below).
With the DCULTRA-KIT installed, a maximum Host-to-Data Silo external SCSI cable
length of 3 meters (9.84 ft) is permitted. The supplied internal ribbon cable supports
up to seven (7) internal SCSI 3 devices. Additionally, up to 3 Data Silo chassis may
be daisy-chained together, provided that each chassis is equipped with a
DCULTRA-KIT and the total external cable length does not exceed 3 meters. Note
that external SCSI cable(s) must meet the SCSI 3 (40 MBytes/sec) Specification.
An internal SCSI 3 active terminator is included with the DCULTRA-KIT. All drives
installed within the chassis must have onboard termination disabled. (Refer to the
device manufacturer's instructions for termination information). This configuration
allows LVD compatibility, but will not support maximum Ultra2 (LVD) transfer rates
(of up to 80 MBytes/sec).
The DCULTRA-KIT includes the Ultra SCSI repeater board with internal and external
SCSI connectors, internal power splitting cable, terminator, internal SCSI 3 ribbon
cable, and rear panel mounting screws.
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