StorCase Technology DCULTRA2-9KIT SCSI

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StorCase Technology DCULTRA2-9KIT SCSI
D89-0000-0098 Rev. A00 StorCase Technology Inc.
SCSI Ultra2 (LVD) 9-Drive Cable Kit
SCSI Ultra2 (LVD) 9-Drive Cable Kit
The SCSI Wide Ultra2 Low Voltage Differential (LVD) protocol supports a maximum 80
MByte/sec transfer rate for applications with up to 15 LVD devices, providing that the
total (internal plus external) device-to-host cable length does not exceed 12 meters
(approx. 39 feet). The StorCase
Ultra2 (LVD) Cable Kit (part number DCULTRA2-9KIT),
designed to fit the rear panel of the Data Silo
DS400 or DS500 9-bay tower or rack mount
chassis, simplifies and reduces this Ultra2 (LVD) cable length limitation.
With the DCULTRA2-9KIT installed within up to two DS400 or DS500 9-bay
chassis, any combination of up to 15 SCSI Wide Ultra2 (LVD) devices can be
supported on a single Ultra2 (LVD) channel, allowing a total maximum external
cable length of 12 meters. Without a DCULTRA2-9KIT installed in each chassis
however, the chassis-internal cable lengths between devices must also be
taken into consideration, thus reducing the maximum allowable external cable
length available.
The DCULTRA2-9KIT includes an Ultra2 (LVD) SCSI repeater board with internal and
external SCSI connectors, an internal power splitting cable, a crimped-on Ultra2 multi-
mode (LVD/Single-Ended) terminator, and a 9-drive internal Ultra2 (LVD) ribbon cable.
NOTE: All external SCSI cables must meet the Ultra2 (LVD) specification (for up to 80
MBytes/sec operation).
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