StorCase Technology DCW4RAID-KIT

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StorCase Technology DCW4RAID-KIT
D89-0000-0108 Rev. A00 StorCase Technology Inc.
RAID Cable Kit 1
1. Disconnect all power and remove cables from the Data Silo chassis.
2. Open the Data Silo chassis to gain access to the internal cables and rear
panel I/O connectors. Refer to the Data Silo User's Guide for more information
on this procedure.
3. Remove existing internal SCSI ribbon cable if installed.
4. Verify that all devices within the Data Silo chassis have any and all termination
disabled. Termination is provided by the DCW4RAID-KIT and RAID controller.
RAID Cable Kit
The DCW4RAID-KIT, an internal cable kit for the StorCase
Data Silo
9-bay rack or
tower chassis, allows the DS400 and DS500 to be used with SCSI RAID configura-
tions where the RAID controller resides within the Data Silo.
The DCW4RAID-KIT includes two (2) drive channel cables, each with 5 device
connectors and an inline LVD/S.E. terminator, and one (1) host channel cable for
connecting to the rear panel of the Data Silo (see figure below).
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StorCase Technology DCW4RAID-KIT

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