StorCase Technology DX4/500-DVHD

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StorCase Technology DX4/500-DVHD
D89-0000-0096 Rev. A00 StorCase Technology Inc.
Dual VHDCI I/O Adapter
The Dual VHDCI I/O Adapter (part number DX4/500-DVHD) is an I/O connector plate and
internal 68-pin HD (High Density) interface board designed to fit the rear panel of the
Data Silo
DS400 or DS500 9-bay rack mount or tower external chassis.
Each DX4/500-DVHD adapter allows up to four (4) VHDCI connections. A maximum of
two (2) adapters can be installed in the DS500*, while up to eight (8) can be installed in
the DS400.
*The DS500 can accomodate up to four (4) adapters if one of the cooling fan modules is
removed. Refer to the DS500 User's Guide for further information.
Dual VHDCI I/O Adapter
(Figures 1 & 2)
1. Disconnect all power and remove cables from the Data Silo chassis.
2. Open the Data Silo chassis to gain access to the internal cables and rear panel I/O
connectors. Refer to the Data Silo User's Guide if necessary for information on this
3. Disconnect I/O cables from I/O connector plate.
4. Unfasten the two (2) screws that secure the I/O connector plate to the Data Silo
chassis and remove connector plate. Save these screws; they will be used for
Step 6.
5. Connect an internal SCSI ribbon cable* to the DX4/500-DVHD board. Please note
the orientation of the internal 68-pin HD connectors on the interface boards before
attempting to connect the cable.
NOTE: The corresponding external VHDCI connectors are identified on the
interface boards (as shown in Figure 3).
6. Once the necessary connections are made, install the DX4/500-DVHD adapter and
secure with the same two (2) screws saved from Step 4.
7. Reinstall the Data Silo covers and cables removed earlier.
*The DX4/500-DVHD adapter is designed to be used in custom cable configurations.
StorCase does not provide SCSI ribbon cables intended for use with this adapter.
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