StorCase Technology DX100-SWC

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StorCase Technology DX100-SWC
D89-0000-0069 Rev. B01 StorCase Technology, Inc.
Table 1: Motor Start Controls
Activity LED Out Signal
The Activity LED Out Signal, provided by the drive, is intended to support a drive activity LED.
This signal is designed to pull down the cathode of the activity LED indicator during periods
while the drive is forming SCSI operations.
Spindle SYNC
The Spindle SYNC signal is provided for spindle synchronization between multiple drives.
Synchronized drives should be of the same or equivalent model types. (Synchronization
protocol and the electronic requirements for the SYNC signal are defined within the drive
specifications. Spindle synchronization is managed by the SCSI command set).
The Single-Connect Adapter Board provides
2 sets of Spindle SYNC pins. To implement
this option, a jumper wire must be run from
the SYNC pin on the Adapter Board to a SYNC
pin on another drive or Adapter Board. This
signal may be jumpered in a daisy-chain con-
figuration for up to 15 drives.
SCSI ID Select
Each device on the SCSI bus must have a
unique SCSI ID number. The SCSI ID Select
pins allow the selection of an appropriate
SCSI ID (0-15 for 16-bit connections).
Jumpers on the Single-Connect Adapter Board are factory-installed on the Enable Termination
Power (TPR) pins, and on all of the SCSI ID Select (ID0-ID3) pins. These jumpers may be
reconfigured as required. Refer to the following information for pin descriptions.
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