StorCase Technology DX150-KIT

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StorCase Technology DX150-KIT
DX150-KIT Installation 1
DX150-KIT User's Guide - Rev. B00 StorCase Technology Inc.
DX150-KIT Installation Instructions
1. Drive Cover 1ea.
2. Drive Bracket 1ea.
3. Filament Washer 4ea.
4. Low Profile Carrier Handle 1 ea.
5. #6-32 x .230 inch Flat Hd. Screw 4 ea.
6. M3, Phillips Flat Hd. Screw 8 ea.
Please note that the drive and carrier unit shown in the illustration above ARE NOT part of
the DX150-KIT.
Figure 1: DX150-KIT Illustrated Parts Breakdown
The DX150-KIT includes the following items:
This document provides detailed installation information for the StorCase
DX150-KIT. This
kit adapts low-profile, 3.5 inch form factor removable media devices to the open front Data
carrier unit (part number DE150i-CSD).
Refer to the Data Express User's Guide for additional operating and installation information.
Refer to the device manufacturer's documentation for additional information regarding jumper
settings, connector locations, and operating instructions.
This manual is related to the following products:
StorCase Technology DX150-KIT

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