StorCase Technology DX1/200-SW160/RH & DX1/200-SWC160/RH Ultra

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StorCase Technology DX1/200-SW160/RH & DX1/200-SWC160/RH Ultra
D89-0000-0125 Rev. C00 StorCase Technology, Inc.
DE100/DE200 Ultra160 Hot Swap/Repeater Isolator Board
[This insert supplements the StorCase
Technology Data Express DE100i-SW160, DE100i-
SWC160, DE200i-SW160, DE200i-SWC160, S20A102, and S20A108 User's Guides; it
provides specific information regarding the Ultra160 Hot Swap/Repeater Isolator Board. Refer
to the individual User's Guides for specific frame and carrier information.]
The DX1/200-SW160/RH Hot Swap/Repeater Isolator Board (Figure 1) is an upgrade attachment
for the DE100i-SW160 and DE200i-SW160 receiving frame, while the DX1/200-SWC160/RH
is an upgrade attachment for the DE100i-SWC160, DE200i-SWC160, S20A102, and S20A108
receiving frame. This attachment provides a bus-isolating hot swap feature as described
Bus-Isolating Hot Swap Function
The Ultra160 DX1/200 boards allow installation, removal or exchange of Ultra160 DE100 and
DE200 carriers while the computer system is operating by monitoring and protecting the
computer system and other peripheral devices on the SCSI bus. The isolator board eliminates
the need to shut down the system when adding or removing a SCSI device by performing two
1. Delays power up/down of the drive until the time period between SCSI bus cycles.
This prevents the interruption of any SCSI bus activity being done by other devices
on the bus.
2. Prevents drive power sequencing from generating noise on the SCSI bus, thus
preventing data transfer corruption on other devices.
Please note that, whereas UNIX and Apple-based systems provide mount/dismount drive
commands, most PC systems do not provide such a feature. When using one of these operating
systems, it may be necessary to reboot the computer after adding or changing a drive. This
reboot activity will force the SCSI host adapter to re-scan its SCSI bus for physically attached
drives, and will then be able to access the new or changed drive.
Attaching the Isolator Board
The DE100i-SW160, DE100i-SWC160, DE200i-SW160, DE200i-SWC160, S20A102, and
S20A108 may be purchased with the isolator board factory-installed. If the board has not
already been attached to the Data Express receiving frame, follow the instructions below to
add the board. Otherwise, proceed to the section "Using the Isolator Board" for usage
This manual is related to the following products:
StorCase Technology DX1/200-SW160/RH & DX1/200-SWC160/RH Ultra

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