StorCase Technology S20A130

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StorCase Technology S20A130
S20A130 S20A130
StorCase Technology, Inc. D89-0000-0157 Rev. A01 D89-0000-0157 Rev. A01 StorCase Technology, Inc.
Repeater Board
for 68-Pin Ultra160 DE300
[This insert supplements the StorCase
Data Express
DE300i-SW160, S20A120 (cable-
less 68-pin DE300), and S20A133 (cable-less 68-pin DE300 with Blowers) User's Guides.]
The DE300 Ultra160 Repeater Board (P/N S20A130) is an upgrade attachment for the
DE300i-SW160, S20A120, and S20A133 receiving frame (Figure 1). This attachment
provides a repeater feature as described below.
NOTES: Up to five (5) DE300s with Repeater Boards may be daisy-chained together
(maximum 15 devices per SCSI channel).
Maximum total (external and internal) cable length cannot exceed 39ft (12m).
Figure 1: S20A130 Repeater Board
Repeater Function
All StorCase
Technology SCSI removable enclosures adhere strictly to SCSI specifica-
tions. These products are typically installed into storage system configurations which con-
tain a variety of components (such as cables, terminators, and connectors), which may
have varying SCSI characteristics when used together in some configurations.
To minimize these unpredictable effects caused by varying system specifications, StorCase
recommends the Data Express Repeater Board on all Ultra160 Data Express receiving
frames. The StorCase Data Express
Repeater Board has been shown to resolve issues
associated with combining system components designed for different SCSI technologies
(single-ended or LVD) and/or by different manufacturers. For more information and data,
please refer to the Repeater Board Benefits and Downward Compatibility technical papers
on our web site at:
Figure 4: Typical DE300 with Repeater Board Configuration
Connecting the DE300 with Repeater Board to the System
Connect the I/O Cable from the host adapter to the Repeater Board (Figure 4). The Pin 1
indicator on the cable must be properly aligned.
NOTES: No onboard termination provided on the DE300. External termination must be
Up to five (5) DE300s with Repeater Boards may be daisy-chained together
(maximum 15 devices per SCSI channel).
Maximum total (external and internal) cable length cannot exceed 39ft (12m).
Internal SCSI I/O Cable
DE300s with Repeater Boards
to Host
EMI Standard: FCC Part 15 Class B, CE CISPR B, C-Tick
EMC Standard: EN55022, EN55024, EN50081
FCC Certification
This device has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the
FCC rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions:
1. This device may not cause harmful interference, and
2. This device must accept any interference received; including interference that may cause undesired
CE and C-Tick Notice
The official CE and C-Tick symbols indicate compliance of this StorCase product to the EMC directive of the European
Community and Australian Communications Authority respectively.
Declarations of CE and C-Tick Conformity in accordance with the required standards have been made and are on file at
StorCase Technology; a copy of Declaration of Conformity is available in the full version of the product users guide.
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StorCase Technology S20A130

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