StorCase Technology DX1/200-U2/RH Ultra2

StorCase Technology DX1/200-U2/RH Ultra2
DE100/DE200 Ultra2 (LVD) Hot Swap/Repeater Isolator Board
D89-0000-0087 Rev. B00 StorCase Technology, Inc.
1. Remove jumpers on J4 Pins 7 & 8, and Pins 9 & 10 from the receiving frame mother-
board (Figure 2).
NOTE: Save these jumpers! These jumpers are required when the isolator board
is not installed.
2. Remove the two (2) screws on the receiving frame motherboard.
3. Attach two (2) drive stand-offs to the mounting holes on the receiving frame mother-
board (Figure 3).
4. Carefully align the connectors of the isolator board with the connectors on the re-
ceiving frame motherboard and gently push the board into position. Make certain
that all connectors are properly mated.
5. Secure the board to the receiving frame stand-offs with the two (2) screws pro-
vided (Figure 3).
Figure 1: Isolator Board Details